Fancy Finger Snack Menu
10 pieces @ R100 per person
12 pieces @ R120 per person
15 pieces @ R150 per person

Add 4 sweet items at additional R40 pp
make it part of your ‘piece’ selection


• Cocktail Feta & spinach quiches garnished with baby spinach leaf and served on Chinese spoons
• Round shaped French bread, drizzled with olive oil, baked and topped with vegetarian toppings
• Mini pizza squares, grilled and topped with vegetarian toppings
• Crispy Phyllo parcels filled with camembert & preserved fig
• Potato rosti topped with cream cheese and preserved fig
• Golden Crumbed mushroom skewer
• Cocktail vegetable spring rolls
• Olive, feta, gherkin & cherry tomato platter
• Seasonal grilled vegetable skewer
• Crudités served with cottage cheese dip


• Tempura prawns served in shooter glass with sweet chili sauce & fresh dill
• Thai fish cakes served on Chinese spoons and garnished with sweet chili sauce and   fresh coriander
• Potato rosti topped with mint/cucumber & sour cream salsa topped with salmon, dill & zest of lemon
• Beer battered hake fillets served on bamboo skewer with a rounded lime slice
• Golden Crumbed calamari served with homemade tartar Mayo & lemon wedge
• Smoked snoek presented on a toasted bruschetta & garnished with fresh chives


• Pancake filled with creamy honey & mustard chicken infused with fresh thyme
• Flaky sausage rolls (hot)
• Crispy BBQ chicken wings (hot)
• Moist Chicken skewers with assorted peppers (hot)
• Chicken / Indian mince  samosas (hot)
• Hand rolled Chicken / babotie / Julienne veg spring rolls (hot)
• Cheesy bites (hot)
• Cocktail cheese grillers (hot)
• Rounded Boerewors served on a bamboo skewer (hot)
• Sticky BBQ riblets (hot)
• Rump skewers laced with peppers (hot)
• Cocktail meatballs with pineapple pieces (hot)
• Mild masala mince curry in traditional vetkoek (hot)
• Slow roasted lamb & veg stuffed in a cocktail pita pocket (hot)
• Mild Beef curry wrapped in a butter roti (hot)
• Potato rosti topped with cream cheese, biltong and chives
• Rounded French bread, drizzled with olive oil, baked and topped with onion marmalade, fresh rocket and fillet of beef


• Chocolate coated strawberries
• Traditional cocktail milk tart cups
• Bar One cigar dusted with icing sugar
• Caramel & banana cigar served in a shooter glass with a shot of custard
• Bite size Nutella lamington
• Mini pastry horns filled with caramel and dipped in chocolate
• Cocktail rounded lemon cheese cake served on a Chinese spoon & garnished with lemon zest
• Gold dusted bite size chocolate brownie
• Round shaped malva pudding drenched in butterscotch sauce served on a Chinese spoon & garnished with castor sugar & fresh mint leaf
• Bite size caramel cups garnished with glazed cherry
• Traditional cocktail ‘koeksisters’
• Seasonal exotic fruit kebabs
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