Bread / Canape Table

• Ciabatta Loaf & Health Bread (X2 Slices Per Person)
• Biltong & Cream Cheese Pate
• Country Chicken Liver Pate
• Farm Fresh Butter

Presented Beautifully With A Choice Of 2 Below:

• Cocktail Beef Burgers topped with cherry tomato
• Cocktail Wraps Stuffed With Pulled Lamb / Tzatziki / Red Onion & Organic Leaves
• Cocktail Tacos Stuffed With Creamy Honey & Mustard Chicken Infused With Fresh Thyme
• Smoked Chicken, Sundried Tomato & Mozzarella Quiche
• Variety Of 3 X Delicate Cheeses (Boerenkaas / Log Cheese / Brie)
• Assorted Cold Meats (Salami & Pepper Ham)
• Caesar Salad On Bamboo Skewer


• Crepe Stuffed With Smoked Honey Mustard Chicken Served With A Crisp Side Salad
• Roast Beef & Sundried Tomato Pesto In A Phyllo Basket Served On Bed Of Herbs
• Creamed Baby Spinach & Danish Feta Served In A Phyllo Basket Drizzled With Balsamic Reduction & Topped With Cherry Tomatoes
• Deep Fried Hake Fillet Served On A Side Salad Presented With Lemon Wedge & Tartar Mayo

• Thai Butternut Soup Topped With A Large Black Pepper & Olive Oil Crouton
• Trio Of Spring Rolls (Babotie / Chicken / Vegetable) Served With Dania Chutney
• Butternut & Black Pepper Feta Quiche Served With A Crisp Side Salad

Main Course - Buffet (Choice Of 2 Meats)

• Saucy Tender Apricot Chicken Thighs
• Crumbed Chicken Breast Served With A Cheesy Parsley Sauce
• Chicken Gordon Bleu covered with a creamy cheese sauce

• Pork Medallions Glazed With Honey Mustard
• Gammon Glazed With Honey & Apricot Served With Hot English Mustard
• Carved Leg Of Pork Served With An Apple Sauce

Red Meat:
• Slow Roasted Deboned Leg Of Lamb With Fresh Rosemary Served With Rich Gravy
• Individual Pulled Lamb Phyllo Baskets Cooked To Perfection With Fresh Rosemary
• Wet Masala Beef Curry
• Rich Beef Burgundy Cooked With Mushrooms
• Roast Joint Of Beef Served With A Rich Gravy
• Hearty Lamb stew cooked to perfection

• Brinjal & Butternut Rounds Stacked On A Bed Of Couscous Topped With Creamed Spinach, Presented With Fried Bell Peppers, Onion &

The Above Presented With:

Starch: (Please Select Rice Or Mash - Potatoes Standard)

• Fluffy Rice Served With A Rich Rosemary Gravy
• Creamy Mash Infused With Fresh Parsley & Farm Butter, Served With A Rich Rosemary Gravy
• Parsley Baby Potatoes With Farm Fresh Butter (3 X Halves)

Veg: (Choice Of 2)

• Pumpkin Fritters (2 X Medium) Drenched In Butterscotch Sauce
• Maple Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds
• Coli Broc Smothered With Cheese Sauce
• Butternut / Baby Marrow rounds & Baby Carrots Grilled With Olive Oil (Counts As 2 X Veg)


• Oreo OR Bar One Chocolate Mousse Served In A Wine Glass, Topped With Fresh Mint Leaf
• Moist Homemade Chocolate Brownie Triangles, Topped With Gold Dust, Fresh Strawberry & Served With Ice Cream OR Cream
• Individual Caramel Or Mixed Berry Cheese Cake Garnished With A ‘Chocolate Tower’
• Rich Baked Malva Pudding Presented With A Toffee Sauce Served With Vanilla Custard & Topped With Flaked Chocolate & Fresh Mint
• Caramel & Banana Cigar Served In A Pool Of Custard Topped With Honey Comb Dust & Mint
• Tiramisu Coffee Flavoured Dessert Served With Fresh Cream & Topped With Fresh Mint & Coffee Beans
• Drop Dead Devine Layered Chocolate Mousse Cake Topped With Fresh Mint
4 Course Menu
R270 per person
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